Group of Computer Networks,
Software Engineering
and Systems

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The Group of Computer Networks, Software Engineering and Systems (GREat) is composed of professors, collaborative researchers and students (graduate and undergraduate) of Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and other institutions. Since your foundation in 2002, the group researches in three areas: Computer Networks, Software Engineering and Systems, as well as realizes research projects, development and innovation in partnership of other institutions and companies.

The GREat is bounded to Computer Science Department (DC), what is accredited by Computing Law (Law 10.176). At UFC, the GREat maintains close colaboration with the Department of Teleinformatics Engineering (DETI), Virtual Institute and Department of Architecture. Also, the group is registered in CNPq's group directory, with leadership of Professor José Neuman and Professor Rossana Andrade.


Areas of expertise


Computer Networks

Sensor Networks and Mobile Cloud Computing.


Software Engineering

Software Development processes and tools.



Web, mobile and applied to IoT systems.


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