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Analytical Center launches application capable of mapping multi-user research equipment

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Central Analítica, a multiuser laboratory at the Federal University of Ceará, launched, in partnership with the UFC Computing Department, the EMUFC application, capable of listing and mapping multi-user research instruments by georeferencing available on the Pici Prof. Campus. Prisco Bezerra. The idea is to promote a culture of shared use of equipment at the University.

In addition to cataloging the equipment, the software presents the main characteristics, the location on campus and the contact of the person responsible for guarding the instrument. Available for Android and IOS devices, the application also has feedback functionality so that users can notify the institution of any access difficulties.

"The launch of the application is part of the Central Analítica mission to promote in the Institution the culture of shared use of research equipment. The application contributes to disseminate the information of the equipment that was acquired in multi-user projects for the community", highlights Prof. Antonio Gomes Souza Filho, coordinator of Central Analítica.

Product of the discipline Software Engineering, offered for undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science at UFC, the application was produced by the then students of the subject Francisco Anderson Gomes, currently professor at the UFC Campus in Crateús; Ícaro Gonçalves Tavares; Antônio Alessandro Fernandes; Douglas Araújo; Hélder Costa; Leonardo Sampaio and Lucas Primo and had technical support from the servers Maycon Anderson and Yuri Leite, from the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies (PRPPG).

For Profª Rossana Andrade, from the Computing Department, responsible for the coordination of the project, "the motivation of students in the discipline is noticeable when theoretical foundations are mixed with practice". She explains that the development of the application was an "enriching opportunity" to work with a real, "proactive client, who is willing to discuss the scope, requirements, implementation and evaluation of the software with the team during the course of the project. discipline".

The application is available to PRPPG, which will add the other equipment that may be acquired by the University.

CENTRAL - The Analytical Center, which works temporarily in the Physics Department, on the Pici Prof. Campus. Prisco Bezerra, gathers several highly specialized equipment, allowing experiments in the area of ​​optical and electronic microscopy. The equipment can be used by researchers from across the University. See on the central site how to use the services.

Source: Prof. Antonio Gomes, coordinator of the UFC Analytical Center - e-mail: coordacao@centralanalitica.ufc.br




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