Written by  2017-01-13

State of the Art and Challenges in Internet of Things and Fog Computing

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The Internet of Things (IoT) incorporates embedded intelligence into everyday objects, enabling them to connect via the Internet and be remotely monitored and controlled through computer-hosted software services and platforms In the cloud. IoT shows great transformation potential, its applications being numerous and benefits provided to several areas of knowledge. The IoT environment also provides new possibilities in the field of computing, for example Fog Computing, is a new area of ​​research that uses as information technology (IT) infrastructure, the computational resources distributed among the IoT objects. This creates a local cloud close to the user. Fog Computing explores these resources at the edges of the network, introducing several new challenges and open questions. Therefore, this document consists of a survey of the IoT area, focusing on Fog Computing, presenting concepts, applications, state of the art and the main challenges.


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